Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Recent Trends I'd Like to Try

Chevron stripes.  Sequins and sparkle.  Color pop.  Animal prints.  Lace.  Layering.  Scarves.

That little list are the trends I've been most recently eyeballing.  It seems that it would be simple enough to just go out and buy one of this and one of that and give them a try, but I'm a chicken!  I'm afraid I'll do it wrong, or look like I'm trying to hard, or worse look like I'm trying to hang on to my 20's way to long after they were over.  Hehe.

I think what I might do, though, is commit to giving one of these things a try per month.  Each month, I can bite the bullet and if it doesn't feel right, small loss, if it works out, I've added a good piece to my wardrobe.  Which, by the way, is in need of help.  I've noticed (when I went to look for certain things) that I got rid of quite a few items recently that I didn't like, which I now think could have been used as building blocks.  They might not have been perfect on their own, but I probably could have made them better with a little work. I also noticed that since I put a halt on my shopping (thrifting included) a few months ago, most of my clothes have gotten one heck of a work out.  I mean, a lot of it will need replacing soon.  Not really thrilled with that.  It's okay though.  I'll consider it a challenge and it will hopefully give me something to blog about along the way.  I know I've been rambling on recently with no apparent point.

So, there you have it.  Once trend a month to build my wardrobe and my confidence.  Now to figure out which to start with....


  1. I like the idea of trying a new look out only 1 a month instead of trying to go with a bunch of things all at once. I am pretty picky myself, so that would have to be how I go about it. I hate pink, fake layers, and animal print that aren't the "natural" colors unless they're done well. So... have you decided what you're going to start with? I want to do scarves myself!

  2. Initially I was thinking scarves would be the easiest one to start with, but I'm not totally sure yet. I actually kind of think that very few of the items I already own are going to be helpful in my quest to try new things! I guess I'll just go to the store and commit to something and share it when I find it.

    It's funny, you mention not like animal print in unnatural colors, one of my least favorite trends of the recent past is camouflage in pinks and blues and oranges. I always thought it was such an odd thing to do with camouflage.