Friday, February 3, 2012

Finish This Before You Start That!

The last two weeks have been something of a black hole for me.  The time is vanishing and I've found myself feeling overwhelmed by many things.  In this time, though, I've noticed something about myself that directly contributes to my lack of organization. 

I'm an absolute scatterbrain.  I have a half dozen jobs that I started and never finished.  I start a job (laundry, for instance) and find something else to distract me along the way.  In the instance of laundry, it goes something like this. 

Gather laundry, walk to laundry room, get laundry started.  Notice dishes aren't done.  Begin dishes and then wonder if anyone left dishes in other rooms.  Walk down the hall to collect dishes, notice the floor could use a sweep, grab broom, sweep floor, forget dishes, forget laundry.  Now I have 3 half done jobs.  Laundry was started but abandoned part way through (I manage to complete the load I least to the point of getting it dried).  I gathered the dishes and put them in the sink, but abandoned it to grab the broom and I've swept, but not mopped. 

I need to finish the jobs I start before moving on.  Some how everything seems so pressing when I see it, so I do that instead.  It's a funny thing, really, because I preach to my boys that they need to finish one playing with one toy before grabbing another.  I insist that they finish one page of homework before moving on to the next one.  So, why, I wonder, can't I practice what I preach?

I'm going to make it a goal this weekend to only do jobs from start to finish.  No half done tasks.  If this means that only one thing gets done, so be it.  I'd rather have one thing completed than 3 undone.