Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Only A Week To Go

This move has been hard on my sleep schedule! I'm glad it will be done in a week. Today we got over to the new place and turned in our signed lease. The movers will be here on Friday to pack, though we won't be moving in until Tuesday. This weekend will probably feel pretty long without all of our stuff to fool around with. I was reading over the terms of our lease and found it funny that they mention avoiding buying second hand furniture. They're trying to avoid bedbug outbreaks, of course, but I still found it amusing as I was reading. I purchase plenty of second hand items, no furniture as yet, but clothes for sure. I suppose they'd frown upon that too. Speaking of second hand...I think I'll be hitting the thrift stores after the holidays to find some new bits and pieces to make the new place feel like home. I'm mostly going to be looking for frames and glassware, stuff for shelves. I don't want to assume I'm going to be able to make purchases, of course, because I really don't know what our financial situation will be. If the hubs hasn't found work yet, even if I've managed to find something, our income will be meager. Ideally, if he does find work, I'd like to put together a nice set (of mismatched,hehe, is that really a set?) white dinnerware. Oh, and speaking of jobs, I'm going to HAVE (yay!) to hit the goodwill for some interview clothes. As it stands now, I've got nothing but jeans, t's and workout gear.