Monday, September 10, 2012

The Countdown Begins

After thinking for  a few months that we knew where we were planning to move, this past weekend we decided to take a look at a couple of other places.  One of them we looked at intentionally and the other was one we'd been intentionally avoiding.  I don't have to tell you that the one we'd been avoiding is the one we fell in love with.  All four of us, actually.  I think it winds up being slightly more expensive than what we'd looked at previously but it feels very comfortable and has some pretty good reviews.  The parking situation seems a bit better than at the other place, too, which is nice.  I'd love to get it at a slightly lower price, but I'm not going to bank on that happening.  The leasing agent tells us (as did all of the leasing agents at all of the different apartments) that the pricing changes every 24 hours.  I will keep my fingers crossed that it will wind up working in our favor.

What does all this mean?  Well, it means that Dave would like to move as soon as we can.  My timeline for...everything just got moved up.  I've been moving slow on the whole yard sale thing.  I think now I'm committed to having it this Saturday.  I'm going to need to spend my entire week preparing for it.  I'm totally not ready.

It also means I have to find a new commitment to decluttering.  Fast!  After getting a glimpse of these gorgeous apartments I feel like I have WAY too much stuff.  Doen't get me wrong, I know that they're made up perfectly for viewing and that no family of 4 has closets with nothing but fancy hat boxes in them, but still.  I want to go in with as little excess as possible.  The less I drag over there with me the less I have to look at when we're moved in.  My biggest challenge in all of this will be to release a lot of the paperwork and to not allow it to accumulate again.  I have piles of papers everywhere.  It's the most difficult thing for me to deal with. 

I'll be losing a large laundry room when we leave this house, so staying on top of the laundry as each load is done will be so important to making sure things stay looking good in the apt.  The new place has a room for the washer and dryer but nothing else, no table, cabinets, etc.  One wash in , dried and folded.  Period.

*Sigh*  I really need to get a move on!